Why We Like the Recent #IdeasBoom Policy

As an Australian (even with a Swiss accent), I am really encouraged by the recent government announcement of the innovation boom.

Here’s why: take a look at the graphic that clearly shows where the money is going and when it started to accelerate. Australia needs more companies like Atlassian (who have just IPO’d), and we need them to remain headquartered here for as long as possible.

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

The mining industry will benefit from this development via the Mining Equipment, Technology and Service (METS) sector.

First Principles Consulting is a proud participant in of the Australian METS scene and First Principles Consulting clients consistently tell us that they like the innovative approach we bring to their businesses:

  • First we tune up their business processes to make them more lean, effective and efficient
  • Then we help make their team more ‘teamy’ (a technical term for a high performance team)
  • As part of our facilitation engagement, we introduce new and collaborative information technology.

In most cases, working with First Principles Consulting turns out to be the game changer that mining organisations have been waiting for.

Make sure you’re using the most appropriate technology to power your teams and processes! Feel free to contact us for more information about how First Principles Consulting can help your team exceed your expectations.