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Porters value chain in your business


Using the Porters value chain in the Miro board, write down the activities in each system that have to occur for your business to operate.

If you are visually inclined, you may prefer to use these systems as prompts to draw flow charts using sticky notes in Miro e.g. inventory levels reach 20% → add “order more xyz” to my to do list → order raised with supplier → order received from supplier and inventory confirmed as received → reconcile accounting system.

If you have a team get them to list all the activities they do as part of their role in the shared team Miro board.

Looking at your activities, are there any quick wins that would help you maximise efficiency and effectiveness? For example, is there anything obvious that can be automated? Using the inventory example above, by investing in an inventory tracking system that monitors inventory levels, automatically generates an order (procurement) and reconciles with your accounting system you may be able to cut down on the number of staff required in your team and/or better utilise your existing staff for more important tasks.

Next, look at your mission statement (Big Hairy Audacious Goal – BHAG). What activities might you logically need to complete in the future to achieve this in each of your systems? For example, if your BHAG is focused on a growth target this means you’ll have to increase your marketing activities. Perhaps you’ll add social media marketing which may require activities like content creation, social media engagement and customer service. What activities would you need to complete in your logistics and operations? Accounting, HR and finance? Capture all of the activities you think are likely to be completed by your business in the future.

Use the Porters Value Chain model and templates from our Miro board to your board.
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