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Not realising that you’re the problem

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If you’re working at the wrong level then you’re probably the bottleneck in your business meaning that things only get done as fast as you can work – clients onboarded, emails answered, tasks managed. It also means that your business has key person risk. As soon as the key person is unavailable or not working the business is at risk because it can no longer deliver. If you, the key person, can’t work then your business isn’t generating revenue, marketing and sales momentum is slowing and you might not be getting paid.

Until you remove yourself as the bottleneck and stop being a risk to your business it will never operate or grow past your capacity. This is how many business owners get stuck on the hamster wheel of working harder and longer. The more successful they are, the harder they have to work just to maintain it.

Are you focusing on and doing the $10/hour tasks when you should be thinking about the $100 or $1000/hour opportunities? An easy test for this is by calculating your Effective Hourly Rate (EHR)? Take your pay in any typical period (week, month, quarter) and divide it by how many hours you actually worked in that period. Eg. If you earned $1000 in a week but worked 60 hours your EHR is $16.67 per hour.