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Not having formalised business systems

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A lousy process will consume 10 times as many hours as the work itself requires. A good process will eliminate the wasted time.”

Bill Gates

Your business already has systems. Every business has systems. How you answer a phone, respond to an email is part of a system or onboard clients are all systems that your business currently has. If you create value for a client, you have a system.

The problem is most systems started organically rather than being planned deliberately. These systems are giving you the results you have but not the results you want. What you need to do is improve your systems.

“Put a good person in a bad system, and the system will win every time.”

W. Edwards Deming

Some benefits of formalising and improving your existing systems include:

  • Free you and your team from the boring so you can focus on:
    • The interesting, creative and innovative.
    • Delivering the best customer experience.
  • Shift thinking from blame to problem solving thinking – from “he/she has a problem” to “there is a problem”.
  • Create leverage – from “me” to “we”. This means creating low input (your time) system that creates a high value output.
  • Systems provide data for decision making and feedback loops
    • How do you know what has or hasn’t worked?
    • Is or isn’t working?
    • How do you know if you’re on track to reach your goals?
  • Freedom from the day to day operations.
    • First they provide control,
      • Control provide predictability,
        • Predictability leads to stability,
          • Stability leads to freedom.
  • Build trust.
    • As part of our survival instincts from less civilised times, our brain hates change and the unknown. We are biased to choose certainty, even if we know the experience is mediocre.
    • People love to know where they stand and what to expect.
  • Stop you continually putting out fires.
  • Improve clarity, reduces inefficiencies and wasted time leading to better margins.