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“Inaction is the result of an inability to make difficult decisions. The problem is that failing to decide may end up being the same as deciding to fail.”

Patricia Espinosa

Fear of failure, the pain of change or trying something new (working as a CEO rather than a front line worker) are the significant causes of inaction. We have never had more access to information in history so not knowing where to start can still be a problem because of too much information. Inaction from overwhelm can stop anybody in their tracks.

Knowledge without action means nothing will change. We know what we should be doing but starting and staying committed can be the most challenging part.  

Inaction can also lead to internal boom/bust cycles that wear out business owners. For example, a common marketing cycle:

  1. Cash is limited.
  2. Go out and try and get clients (with a limited budget).
  3. They get a few clients so they stop marketing.
  4. Work stops coming in and cashflow becomes restricted.
  5. Repeat.

This inaction focuses on short term thinking and neglects to realise that the best time to be marketing is when you have clients because this is when you have budget and resources.

The business accelerator is focused on finding your compelling reasons for change and helping you through the change.