• How often have you spent an inordinate amount of time, effort and money on developing your business strategy, only to find its implementation was too fragmented to achieve its objectives?
  • Have you found yourself feeling guiltier when you're looking at your strategy as the year grows older and the strategy is not being systematically deployed?
  • How many times have you found yourself in a quarterly strategy review meeting, only to find that you're already so far behind, you feel defeated before having had a chance at success?

These days, there is little debate that having a neutral third party assist facilitating the development of organisational strategy is more than a good idea, but established leading practice. It allows the workshop participants to focus on content not process. How many of these third parties have a proven methodology that ensures the strategy is actually implemented? And are willing and able to work with you, the client, as much or as little as you desire?

Two Critical Success Factors:

A Winning Strategy and a Proven Execution Process

What makes our Strategy Execution process successful is the fact that, like all of the management and business processes we help our clients implement, they are always fully integrated with their other processes. Implementing a strategy when people are already busy doing their 'day job' can often be seen as work that is over and above what 'they have signed up' for. The 'extra' work needs to become part of everyday work. Doing a little bit every day makes success more probable compared to trying to catch up at the end of each quarter.

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Client Testimonial

Having become a veteran of business improvement programs at several sites and within varying work site cultures over the years, I was very impressed with the STARR process when it was proposed to me by First Principles Consulting (FPC). Given that it was clear to me that such a system for capturing, tracking, actioning and closing out priorities was desperately needed at my new organisation I advocated it to those managers in my team and external to it as well as upper management.

The take-up on site in terms of the use of the new tools, the way the system and the people helping us with the implementation from FPC were accepted and the results since have really impressed me. We are happy that we have a system that can be built upon in the future to take full advantage of the potential for improvement from the STARR system’s full implementation.- Neil Meadows, COO, Karara Mining, Western Australia,

Example of Our Work

STARR Implementation - Our ‘Signature Dish'

Project: Iron Ore Mine, WA - This client had recently transitioned from commissioning to operations and many issues remained unsolved. A series of workshops identified all the major problems that needed to be resolved urgently and a set of project plans were developed. Metrics to track progress objectively were identified together with target completion dates. On a monthly basis these goals were then translated to achievable deliverables for that month and committed to. Progress on these deliverables was reviewed weekly and interventions taken when necessary.
Outcomes: The ramp up towards production targets started to become more predictable, resulting in better ROI as well as reduced stress due to clearer expectations, communications and more reliably attained outcomes.

Strategy Implementation Process

Project: Large Nickel refinery, QLD, Australia - A precursor to what later developed into the STARR process, this ‘Alignment’ effort involved breaking down the Long Term Strategy (5YP) into a 12 month business plan, KPIs and manageable goals and sub-projects. A process which incorporated more frequent reviews and realignment of status vs plan than was previously the norm was implemented.
Outcomes: This resulted in a tangible, sustainable process change, which in turn led to the desired behaviour changes and ultimately cultural changes ('reliably delivering on our promises'). The business plans for all departments were more completely implemented than any year before.

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