Small Medium Enterprise


Welcome to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) divison.

Do you want to turn your business into an attractive asset to investors or to sell?

Maybe you’re here because like many business owners you are experiencing some or all of the following symptoms:

If You Answer Yes To Any Of The Following:

You've Created A Job For Yourself

Plus all the responsibility of being a business owner (e.g. taxes, payroll and keeping your sales pipeline full).

What Are Your Options?

Option 1 - Struggle

You can choose to stay here and burn out. Deep down you know you can’t keep working the same way forever. But what do you change and how? How do you get out from under the pile of work you're buried under?

Option 2 - Quit

You can choose to quit, get off your wheel and get onto somebody else's. But then what? drudging your way through a 9 - 5 that drains your energy and passion for life?

Option 3 - Sell

You can choose to sell your business and quit (option 2). However, there is a good chance you can't sell your business because you are your business - the magic ingredient.

None of these are particularly appealing options...

The Good News!

Option 4 - A Path Forward

This option lets you step outside the hamster wheel and manange it.

This is exactly what the best businesses do and you can too!

It’s time to make a decision, you can keep on paying the price. Doing things the expensive way. Doing things the hard way with no guarantees or you can seek out those that have blazed the trail before you.

So, why not instead be guided and supported in creating an integrated, predictable and reliable system of people, process and technology to remove you as the bottle neck in your business?

You Deserve To Feel On Top Of The World!

What is the hidden cost to you?

How much time, money, blood, sweat, tears, heartache, frustration could you save if you didn’t have to reinvent the wheel?

How many opportunities are you missing? Important time with kids, family and friends? What if you start or grow your family and have to soon dramatically reduce your hours?
Do you have a life, interests or hobbies or have they all disappeared? How’s your physical and mental health trending when you find yourself working crazy hours each week just to try to keep the wheel turning?
“[Success] comes to the visionary companies not so much as the end goal, but as a residual result of relentlessly asking the question ‘How can we improve ourselves to do better tomorrow than we did today?’”

Built to Last by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras