• Do the Projects in your organisation run over schedule, over budget or fail to deliver the benefits they were commissioned for in the first place?
  • Are they the right projects for your organisation to be doing right now?
  • Does the personnel executing your projects have all the skills and competencies they require?
  • Do some of your people have split responsibilities towards operations and projects? If so, do you find they typically keep on top of their operational duties but struggle more with their project deliveries?

These are just some of the problems we see our clients struggle with. How can we help?

Two Critical Success Factors: PM Framework and PM Competencies

Organisations can deliver their projects on time, on budget, to the agreed quality standards every time. Apart from a sufficient level of leadership support, what is required is a framework that integrates seamlessly with the companies' other management  and business processes. We have observed how such management frameworks provide early warnings when some team members struggle, which allows management to provide help in time, which in turn improves probability of project success. Similarly, we have seen average performers rise to become outstanding ones, thanks to the extra support the PMF provides.

In a Project Management Framework (PMF), the path to project success is clearly outlined and straying from it is not an option.

It goes without saying that people carrying out projects (especially when they are already involved in daily operations) require Project Management Competency. The old school of hard knocks is certainly one option, albeit a costly and inefficient one. A much better approach is to provide the required skill set, not only in generic form but also customised to your specific PMF.

Example of Our Work

Developed and deployed a customised PMF

Project: Gold Miner in Queensland, Australia - ​Analysed requirements, custom-developed a PMF based on the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the organisation's culture, maturity level and other requirements. Facilitated the customisation of the PMBOK-based training to match their new custom PMF.

Outcomes: Projects are now managed through the five stages (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing).The improved project funnel and project initiation rigour now allows the organisation to choose the most important projects and stage-manage them to their successful completion. Planning is now done with more foresight and proactive measures are put in place where required. Execution is carefully monitored and support provided when a project is at risk. Structured post mortems identify valuable lessons learned and the site-wide action management system ensures those lessons are actually converted into process improvements, technology fixes or competency upgrades as required.


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