• You have a bunch of fine individuals, but they're not gelling as a team?
  • You're working with a distributed (remote) team but it's a team by name only?
  • Your team members get on well yet their internal processes are not enabling them to succeed?

People are complex individuals and working together productively does not always happen without some extra help.

The objective of Organisational Effectiveness is to to create and maintain an organisational environment that fosters the desired culture and renders the organisation as effective and competitive as possible. That's easier said than done. Fortunately there is a solution for almost every challenge, so speak to us about how we might help!

Example of Our Work

Production and Productivity Improvement Project

Project: UG Gold Mine Western Australia - A smallish gold mine had become part of a large multinational organisation. This site had changed ownership a number of times leading up to this divestiture and morale was at an all-time low. Unsurprisingly, safety and production performance were reflective of the low team spirit this workforce had sunk to. A series of One-on-One interviews were conducted as well as some workshops to help identify root causes beyond corporate ownership issues.

Outcomes: Once the reasons were clear, including some big 'elephants in the room’, a plan could be developed that allowed the teams to rally behind a common cause and regain their safe, productive and happier esprit de corps.

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Client Testimonial

Our weekly ops meetings were often frustrating and not as effective as I would have liked. FPC thoroughly analysed our needs and worked with our people to develop not only the meetings, but the entire infrastructure around them. The developed reports, how they were generated and reviewed and how we developed our plans to get back on track if required. They also provided software to help us ensure we actually complete our tasks. Then they coached us in their daily use and effectiveness.- Mark Boon, GM, Evolution Mining, http://www.evolutionmining.com.au/