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Who can benefit from having an Effective Organisation?

The Effective Organisation has been proven to work for small businesses right up to the largest corporations. The FPC corporate division works with their mining clients to transform mine sites into effective organisations.

The Business Accelerator is specifically designed for existing small businesses that want to grow into a lifestyle business or beyond. If you are a start-up or don’t want to grow beyond a sole trader or micro business the principles we teach are just as valid and will still work for you but the methodologies may need you to scale them back, finding a pragmatic middle ground.

First Principles Consulting Small Medium Enterprise (FPC SME) is unapologetically industry-agnostic for two reasons.

  1. We teach timeless business and operational principles, frameworks and concepts that have stood the test of time and apply to any organisation. That tactics evolve, for example, advertising mediums change (newspapers vs social media) but the art of copywriting is unchanged. If you read My life in advertising by Claude C. Hopkins it was originally published  in 1927 and the strategies haven’t changed.
  2. Alex has lived and worked in 15+ cities across six countries. He has worked on 20+ projects in a variety of industries (farming, transport, defence, commercial construction, telecoms) and each one was unique. Alex learnt something new on every project that he was able to take to the next one. Boring old best practice in one industry might just be a disruptor in your industry.