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The fly

A fly gets stuck inside a room and it will keep banging up against a closed window. The next window over could be wide open but full of intention, perseverance and driven to achieve its goal of getting outside (freedom) the fly just keeps battering itself against the closed window.

Clearly, setting intention and perseverance isn’t enough. Hard work is not the only thing that counts. Instead, we have to recognise what resistance we are facing. Some resistance we have to push through (overcoming momentum) and what resistance we need to go around (a closed window).

Wisdom is listening to your inner voice, your intuition and realising what type of resistance you’re up against. Do you need to push through or are you on the wrong path and need to stop, look around and find a better approach?

Acting like the fly is the quickest way to feel burnt out and get down about your life. Hard work without hope is how people become old before their time. It’s why some businesses don’t last.