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Overcoming your momentum

Once we know what we want we have to go out and get it. This is where we encounter resistance and why most people fail to change.

Everything you’ve done in your life has led you to the life you’re living today. Your mindset, beliefs, habits and routines all drive your actions. This has created momentum in your life and the longer you’ve been doing this the more likely it is going to be harder to overcome this momentum.

You have to overcome the momentum you’ve created in your current situation and that requires taking action, introspection, trial and error and feedback. Some of these things can be really confronting made because we often think of our business as our baby or as our identity. We have a highly emotional relationship with both of these which means that you will come up against resistance as you go. It’s ok to feel challenge or confronted as you and your business transform. It gets easier and you’ll discover strategies and people to help identify, manage and overcome these feelings.

Be aware that change doesn’t just affect you, it affects those that care about you. More often than not, these people form part of the momentum in your life and you need to have strategies to deal with this. Strategies can be simple responses to common questions about what you’re doing.