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How are you spending your time?

“We don’t have to be smarter than all the others, just be more disciplined”

Warren Buffet

Most people are on autopilot thinking that they have an abundance of time. This is why we delay taking action (remember that inaction is a cause of business failures).

The maths is simple. If you live to 79 you have about 29,000 days or 4142 weeks in your lifetime.

  • The first 20 years (~1000 weeks) is childhood and school. Life is fairly care free but your autonomy and control is low.
  • Last 20 years (~1000 weeks) is (hopefully) a happy retirement.
  • That leaves just over 2000 weeks in the middle to achieve everything that’s important to you. This might be setting yourself up for retirement. Giving you kids a head start in life. Remember success and a life well lived is individual to you.
    • These ~2000 weeks doesn’t account for holidays, illness, emergencies etc.
    • This assumes you start your journey to financial independence or achieving your goals at 20 years old.

We are all living beings which means life has an endpoint. Shying away from this fact reduces our motivation to act and maximise our effectiveness today. We all have roughly the same amount of time, the difference is how we use it.

Travelling down a more difficult path now, committing to doing what works and sticking with it even when things get challenging leads to an easier path later on because we have set ourselves up. The easy path now can only lead to the hard path later. You don’t want to be dependent on others, rely on winning the lottery or have to move to another country to maintain your standard of living.