• Do some issues in your organisation have a nasty habit of recurring?
  • Is it always clear who 'owns' which processes?
  • Do you find that, despite all best intentions, cross-functional communications break down and silos arise?
  • Have you duplicated similar systems and processes for different purposes (e.g. safety, environment, community, security), making life unnecessarily complex for your team members?

Every organisation has management systems and business processes, however, they may not always think of them as such. Or even be consciously aware of all of them. This can be problematic, as these are often the processes, which cause so many recurring issues. But if they are not identified, documented, and have a single go-to owner, who is empowered to reach across the organisation if required to make their processes fit-for-purpose, the odds are not in your favour.

Clearly identified processes, agreed upon, documented, with owners and in a state of continual improvement

Can you say that about all of the business and management processes being used in your organisation? The process-centric organisation empowers employees to carry out their tasks with competence, confidence, reliably and repeatably and a clear understanding of where their 'jurisdiction' starts and ends. It is the opposite of chaos.

First Principles Consulting understands business and management processes; it is this commonality amongst all businesses that allows us to work across industries to assist you not only improve the way you conduct our operations but also embed continual improvement in everything you do from here on, giving your organisation a competitive edge it might not yet have.


Client Testimonial

First Principles Consulting assisted Seqwater’s policy, strategy and research team in developing a roadmap towards building an integrated management system. The challenge was to convince the executives that implementing a management system in a comprehensive way is a powerful enabler to achieving strategic goals and not just an organisational burden driven from a compliance perspective.

Mark’s unique combination of extensive business management knowledge as well as a deep understanding of how quality management systems and a process framework supports the achievement of strategic goals have enabled him to map out a journey that made sense from a business and strategic management perspective. Having this roadmap is assisting the policy, strategy and research team in continuing to promote the message around the benefits of a holistic management systems approach as we work towards improving our systems for asset management, product quality, environment and safety.- Annalie Roux, Manager Policy Strategy Research and Innovation, Seqwater, http://www.seqwater.com.au/

Example of Our Work

Co-developed an Operations Management System Manual (Blueprint)

Project: Large Global Mining Corporation - Co-developed a very specific and comprehensive integrated manual, which, in its 260 pages, defined a hands-on, standardised method for managing mine sites. It ensured more reliable outcomes and systematic continual improvement was embedded into the daily operations cycle. This Blueprint was subsequently rolled out globally to realise the business opportunity.

Operations Blueprint Proof-of-Concept Pilot Project ​

Implemented the above-mentioned management system blueprint at a large Gold Mine in the USA. The objective was to prove the blueprint's validity prior to rolling it out to the global corporation.

Outcomes: This Integrated Management Systems (IMS) aligned functional departments, enabling improved cross-functional collaboration. This was the true for all segments of the closed loop Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. No longer were plans developed in isolation only to be found they could not be executed, but developed jointly instead. Execution was managed more tightly through Short Interval Control processes, resulting in higher, more reliable and safe production. Checking for variance against the plan was now being done hourly, daily and weekly, not just monthly. Closing the PDCA loop, the site-wide action management system that had been installed enabled the systematic elimination of issues, risks and unwanted events, resulting in structured, continual improvement in every aspect of the business.


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