First Principles Consulting mentioned by Palisade Corporation

BigPictureFirst Principles Consulting is the subject of Palisade Corporation’s latest case study for BigPicture. Palisade is a leading supplier of risk and decision analysis software based in New York. Their newest product, BigPicture is a mind mapping and data exploration product for Microsoft Excel.

FPC have always looked to new technological tools to provide the best possible services to their clients and identified BigPicture as a potential solution for creating Value Driver Trees (VTDs).

FPC uses Value Driver Trees to analyse the factors (both quantitative and qualitative) influencing business processes both upstream and downstream. This level of comprehension allows FPC and its clients to better understand those elements for which careful active management is required to optimise business performance. This is especially relevant in constrained or bottleneck processes. The information provided by Value Driver Trees has been used by FPC to help clients identify relevant KPIs and metrics as well as opportunities for business improvement projects. Value Driver Trees are also useful tools for modelling which changes in performance will yield the best overall throughput, quality or financial return.

FPC successfully trialled the Beta version and became early adopters of the released product. BigPicture has enabled FPC to accelerate the development of Value Driver Trees and facilitated a simple and effective rapid iteration process. This in turn has improved the value proposition of these powerful analysis tools.

FPC clients now get the benefit of high quality VDTs developed more efficiently and therefore at reduced cost.

Click the link for full details of Palisade’s FPC Case Study.


Download: Example of an end-to-end Value Driver Tree in a high resolution PDF.



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