• How often have you seen 'technology projects' fail because they were actually change management projects in disguise?
  • How many business process improvement initiatives have been less than successful because the stakeholders were never engaged enough?
  • Have you ever seen 'Change Management' conducted as a separate or standalone process/stream instead of it being 'baked' into the whole initiative?

Fundamentally, we believe that change management should never be a separate activity when making improvements and changes to the business. People don't mind being accountable for an outcome as long as they have an input into it. On the flip side, people will never 'own' that outcome if they've had no opportunity to shape it, make it their own.

Are people involved in your project? If the answer is yes, you need to think about Change Management.

Over the years we have developed, acquired, improved and honed approaches to change management. There are certain rules, do's and don't's, if you like, that must be observed.

Talk to us about how we might help you ensure the success of your next change management initiative.


Client Testimonial

Example of Our Work

Large Scale Management System Implementation

Project: Large UG Copper Mine, South Australia - During a Management System upgrade project of large scale and scope the client was unable to provide a sufficient number of dedicated, full-time project team members that would ensure client ownership of the changes. This put the external team's efforts in jeopardy as the project might have been seen as an external one. A solution was found by building a larger team of part-time client representatives. The cross-functional internal/external team developed and executed a Change Management (CM) plan tightly interwoven with all project activities. This approach quickly resulted in identifying the stakeholders with a high degree of influence and a willingness to provide their time and 'political capital' to the cause, building unprecedented momentum for the initiative.

Outcomes: The amount of traction, client ownership and all out success this project achieved was so outstanding that it won first prize against 144 competing entries after it was entered into a Business Excellence competition in London in 2011. After 6 years, all personnel still used the management system on a daily basis in its entirety. The financial ROI has been recouped over and over many times.

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