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What Makes Us Different?

Internationally Tested

This isn't just something we've read in a book. Our approach has been improved in our own businesses and client businesses all over the world.

Holistic Approach

Powerful and lasting outcomes always come from an integrated approach. This is why just focusing on new techonlogy or hiring "A players" is doomed to fail.

Be Part Of A Community

Nobody understands what you're going through like others on the same path. Help those behind you and get a hand up from those infront of you.

Our Vision

For business owners to have the freedom to choose how to live their life because their business works for them.

Our Mission

To advance 1000 small businesses in their journey to creating an effective organisation that doesn’t depend on them before 2026.

Our Values


Sophisticated simplicity - the best solution isn't the most complex, it's the simplest.

Be Curious

Be passionate for seeking out opportunities to grow, learn, or finding better ways of doing things.

Be Good

Business, as in life, is not a zero sum game. Long term success comes from doing the right thing (because it’s the right thing to do) if for no other reason that an abundance mindset makes your life happier.

Propagate a high performance culture

The best results are achieve in an environment with a bias for fun, positivity and a dash of mischief because these environments can only exist when there are deep, trusted relationships. This state is the most productive, creative, engaging and supportive.

Hi, I'm Alex Franklin, founder of the SME division...

As a senior consultant or manager, I used to go from one project to the next, frustrated by the similarity. Internally, these teams all generally had low trust and requiring high individual effort (including mine) to complete tasks. Externally, almost all relationships, from suppliers to the client, were strained and at risk.
As an engineer, I have always been fascinated by systems and technology but I needed to learn how to create high trust, high-performance teams in order to create truly effective organisations where we had time and energy to have a fulfilling life outside of work. Over the past decade, I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in courses and read every book I could get my hands, refining my approach on client projects in different industries all over the world.
But corporate projects often can’t or won’t change and I found this immensely frustrating. This all changed when I discovered SMEs have the same challenges but want to change, improve and grow because they know their business won’t survive if they don’t.

BEng (hons), CPEng, NER, MIEAust

"I want to make the knowledge, experience and best practices locked up in corporate enterprises accessible to SMEs"

Our Clients Include

You don't need to create a massive company, the next unicorn tech company. You just need to create a great company that fits your ultimate lifestyle and vision.

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Most business owners don’t have freedom because their business's survival depends on maximising the number of hours they work.