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It Started With A Problem...

Most business owners started or bought a business:

 Maybe it was a combination of all three?

What got a business started is rarely sustainable as the business grows and will not get them to the next level – a lifestyle business. In fact, it will hold them back.
Business owners are often told that the problem is a lack of clients but as their business grows, the existing inefficiencies only get worse!
As a result of following this advice and increasing their client base the owner is forced to increase their time working IN the business. They find themselves working longer and harder than the job they left because they are wearing or having to micromanage all of the hats. Pretty soon, they have found themselves on a new hamster wheel, of their own design! The harder they work, the faster it spins! The business runs the owner, not the other way around. All of this is putting pressure on their personal relationships, family and health. Eventually, something has to give.
It soon becomes business by brute force, trying to grow their way out of their current situation. They have not addressed the underlying problems and have no framework to actually scale their operations and extend their capability. How can a business that’s struggling with its current demands possibly hope to grow? The business has hit a ceiling – the owner is their business.
At this stage it can start to feel pretty hopeless because it feels like they’ve tried everything. The truth is they’ve tried the wrong things, or more accurately, are doing the right things in the wrong order.
As systems oriented thinkers, this is our why. This is why we get out of bed each morning  – to help owners overcome all of this and create a lifestyle business. To get rid of the chaos, overwhelm, uncertainty and these negative feelings.
Simply put, we help people like you to create a leveraged business (low input, high output) that doesn’t rely on them so they can focus on what matters most in their lives – family, relationships, their health, being present in their kids lives…

Our Vision

Privately owned businesses that enhance the lives of their clients, team AND owners

Our Mission

To advance 1000 small businesses in their journey to creating the lifestyle business they first imagined before 2026.

Our Values


Sophisticated simplicity - the best solution isn't the most complex, it's the simplest.

Be Curious

Be passionate for seeking out opportunities to grow, learn, or finding better ways of doing things.

Be Good

Business, as in life, is not a zero sum game. Long term success comes from doing the right thing (because it’s the right thing to do) if for no other reason that an abundance mindset makes your life happier.

Propagate a high performance culture

the best results are achieve in an environment with a bias for fun, positivity and a dash of mischief because these environments can only exist when there are deep, trusted relationships. This state is the most productive, creative, engaging and supportive.

Our Clients Include

Meet The Founder & Managing Director

Alex Franklin

Creator of the Integrated Business Operating System (IBOS) for SME sized operations, Alex has dedicated the past 10+ years to understanding all things business, including: mindset, productivity, high performance teams, leadership, project management, operational excellence, as well as marketing and sales.

He’s had the opportunity to learn and develop these skills on projects all over Australia as well as in Canada, Panama, the UK, Spain and the Middle East.

He has worked in start-ups, founded two businesses and worked on large-scale, critical infrastructure projects for the largest corporations in the world. Working his way up to senior roles on projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars he has worked on numerous projects and worn lots of hats during this time, experiencing and learning first-hand what does and doesn’t work.

His passion has always been operational excellence – maximising the outcome through systems, high performance teams (the right people in the right seats, leadership, mindset and culture) and technology/assets.

Alex’s experience makes him uniquely placed to help other business owners transform their enterprise into a lifestyle business.

Alex Franklin, BE (hons), MIEAust, CPEng, NER

Work with us to find out:

You don't need to create a massive company, the next unicorn tech company. You just need to create a great company that fits your ultimate lifestyle and vision.

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To go from operator to owner? For peace of mind? For no more 50+ hour weeks? For no more feast to famine and back again? For stability? For Consistency?

This is for us to get to know each other better NOT to pressure or manipulate you into a sale. We will only offer you our services if you think it’s the right for your company and ours. It’s then up to you to make the decision if this is the best ROI for your time and money.