The Corporate Team

About FPC

Operationally focussed, First Principles Consulting (FPC) works with clients to improve their operational effectiveness and efficiency. Our unique approach produces bottom line results through empowered people, lean business processes and innovative technology. Our track record speaks for itself – our clients produce more, reduce their costs – or both!

We are proud of our team and we can’t wait to introduce you to them! Take a look below:

By the way, all of our team members share some core competencies such as Management Operating System (MOS) implementation. But did you know that all of our consultants have some specific superpowers each? No? Read on

Mark Franklin

Founder, Managing director, principal

Mark works with clients from identifying their specific needs to overseeing their implementation. With over two decades of international consulting experience, he has learned that client-owned initiatives assisted by competent external specialists result in transformative outcomes. His superpower is the ability to assemble a team with superpowers.

Brett Armstrong

People and Performance Specialist

Brett helps client teams and individuals in leadership positions by identifying the intended and unintended consequences of their behavioural preferences. By applying his superpower, he helps them improve their individual and team performance based on awareness and development strategies.

Jillian Exton

Versatile Senior Consultant

Jillian was our first teammember! With a background in Human Capital, she helps our clients with Stakeholder Engagement, Change Management, Project Management Frameworks and Management Systems (MOS). By using her superpower, Jillian not only contributes to improved client bottom line results but helps reduce stress.

David Hollingsworth


David has worked with many clients developing their specific reporting and collaboration platforms. His superpower combines a deep understanding of Management Systems (MOS), behaviours and an exceptional knack to rapidly develop a specific competency for the required ICT platform (e.g. MS Excel, Power BI & Azure DevOps, SQL scripting and many, many more).

Patrick Mullen


Patrick has worked with many clients solving highly analytical problems, developing sophisticated Value Driver Tree (VDT) models on various platforms amongst FPC team member core competencies. With a background in mathematics he knows that accurate data is the foundation of all good decision making, he uses his superpower to help clients get the most out of their assets.

Horrie Mawdesley


Horrie works with resource industry clients to create order from chaos, having implemented many a MOS in many a far-away place. One of Horrie’s superpowers includes bringing people together in his highly effective workshops, be they to solve problems, hatch plans or learn from specific events.

Jeremy Swan


Jeremy has worked with clients in all industries all over the globe, systematically bringing calm to pandemonium. His superpower is his track record and passion for delivering bottom line results for our clients through MOS, Continual Improvement and Team Development.

Lawrence Atkinson


Lawrence has worked with a variety of clients in numerous industries, many based on the African continent. Super-powered by an unmatched degree of calmness, he is unfazed by tumultuous situations. This bestows him with the ability to listen deeply to help individuals and organisations to regain control to deliver on their commitments.

Ray Bos


As one of our super-versatile teammembers, Ray thrives in dynamic international environments because he is super-powered by being fluent in 5+ languages. With a track record of >800 business analyses/diagnostics, >200 operational excellence projects and >90 strategy projects, he simply has a peerless track record we have yet to see outdone.

Our global team members have a variety of backgrounds, with at least ten years experience in operations and consulting and outstanding records of delivering sustainable results. We have a shared passion for management excellence, an attitude that there is always room for improvement, and the ability to work with you, our client, with genuine compassion when it’s called for.