First Principles Consulting Pty Ltd started off as Franklin Management Solutions Pty Ltd in 1999, originally to provide a legal entity for Mark to work as a freelance management consultant.

In 2009, Mark decided to rename the company to reflect a concept he passionately subscribes to. He always believed that to create something truly worthwhile, the best approach is to go right back to first principles, the fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based.

First Principles Consulting (FPC) works with start-ups and established organisations to improve operational efficiency. Our unique approach achieves improvements through empowered people, lean business processes and innovative technology.


Our Team

Our global team members have a variety of backgrounds, with at least ten years experience in operations and consulting and outstanding records of delivering sustainable results. We have a shared passion for management excellence, an attitude that there is always room for improvement, and the ability to work with you, our client, with genuine compassion when it’s called for. Meet the team.


Our Global Projects

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